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About us

Travel is about more than buying packages, air-tickets and finding accomodation.   It is about a memorable experience, which takes planning, and requires information and knowledge.  At Gemini Travel, we acquire the vital travel information so you can make better, more informed travel decisions. We want you to create your own travel experience!

Our exhilarating Singapore tour packages allow you to experience Singapore in a different way.  We have our own unique Singapore Tours including Half-day and Full-day Tours, Night Tours and Wildlife Tours.

With the popularity of regional travel, we offer tour packages to the ASEAN region with activities for family and community bonding. Our overseas tour packages pack in transportation, guided tours, meals, and of course, travel insurance.

Our corporate travel management team has vast experience in various sectors ranging from corporate ticketing to corporate overseas incentives and events,  education tours, medical tourism, etc.

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